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One of my favorite things about this line of work is getting to shadow people and document them doing things they're passionate about.  

I've followed a professional weaver as she sustainably harvested birch bark in the North Woods, accompanied Forest Service archaeology and field research teams, documented the workplaces and creations of master craftspeople, and taken a lot of pictures of people exploring, working, and living life to its fullest. 

There are all sorts of reasons you might want pictures of what you're doing.

Maybe you're an artist or healer or other small business owner hoping to create an ad or update your website with descriptive photos of your workspace and process.

Maybe you're interviewing with a magazine and need photos to accompany an article.  

Maybe you want to be able to visually show your family and friends what exactly you do for work (maybe you've been doing this for half a decade and every Thanksgiving you're reminded that nobody quite gets it).  

Maybe you just want documentation for one of your projects or adventures.

I will shadow you for a day while you climb, fish, boat, hike, work out, make art or crafts, record music, cook, decorate, farm, build or repair, massage, do yoga, conduct research, work with animals, take your kids on a family outing, or really do anything that could be interesting!

I try to keep this relatively inexpensive because I enjoy it so much: I get to learn about what you do for work or fun, and you get a lot of high-quality images.  

Send me a message, and we can talk about what you're looking for. 

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