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I love a lot of the shoots I get to do, but one that stands out for uniqueness was a proposal I shot in the Tetons recently.

Kyle contacted me inquiring if I could take photos of him proposing to his girlfriend while they took photos of the Tetons in the early hours on a chilly, smoky summer morning.  

It was going to be a surprise, so Kyle and I did all of our planning well beforehand - discussing where to meet, dropping points on a map, describing our vehicles to each other, and agreeing on a subtle signal for when it was about to go down.  

Kayla was cold, surprised, and looked extremely well-put-together considering she'd just woken up.  My disguise was easy - just an innocent bystander taking pictures of the landscape, don't mind me!  Seeing someone standing in the sagebrush with a big lens at 6 in the morning is about as common in this area as moose and elk, so nobody gives it a second thought.  

All I heard of their exchange was Kayla responding to Kyle's question with "of course I will" and it was just an adorable moment.  

I brought them champagne and fed them beef jerky, bubbly water, and dried mangoes that I had on hand.  

If you hire me to capture a surprise proposal, I can strategize discreetly with you, and I can even pick up champagne or sparkling grape juice (or flowers, etc) beforehand.  

I normally avoid taking photos of someone who doesn't know I'm there to take photos of them - but I make exceptions for something like this, because the subject finds out pretty quickly what's going on.  

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