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For an easygoing, documentary-style approach to wedding and event photography, I aim for a variety of candid and spontaneous shots that honor my subjects and fill in the details of their story.

Though I do get group bridal party and family photos, my ultimate goal is to be part of your celebration as I capture it, and not distract your bridal party or guests from being present.  


So my approach is focused but informal- it yields authentic, personal images and is undeniably fun!

Other info: 
-I can also do engagement & bridal shoots (which involve more deliberate posing and setup) as add-ons to wedding packages.  

-I love doing elopement and wilderness wedding photography too!  Elopements, tiny weddings, adventure destination weddings, and low-key ceremonies are my jam JUST as much as big weddings! 


-I love doing big weddings!  Have I mentioned that?  I like to think my photography style thrives in weddings of all sizes.  The way I see it, the setting can be an intimate celebration at a friend's house, or a sprawling outdoor wedding.. the most important factor is mutual trust and accurate communication.  

-I wouldn't call myself a professional videographer, but I have also taken video footage of ceremonies and toasts (it's really nice to have a record like this!), and I love taking short videos that convey some of the fun that is being had.  

I've got a great .gif of Ryan clicking his heels in pre-ceremony energy as he jumps from the stoop, and footage of guests converging into a tired, happy group-hug as the DJ played Tiny Dancer as the final encore of the night.  

I'm also a fan of getting short videos of dogs being dogs, and kids being kids.


-One of my goals is to learn what each bride and groom wants to be able to remember about their wedding, and to seek to capture that- it could be the father of the bride getting misty-eyed, or the groom's college buddies all getting to see each other again for the first time in six years, or the gorgeous table centerpieces meticulously put together by a family friend, or the scenic surroundings of the ceremony and reception.

-If you're looking for a wedding photographer but aren't sure if you're located near me, it's worth getting in touch to check!  Work brings me all over the US and occasionally elsewhere as well, so especially for wedding photography it's highly likely that I will be able to travel to where you are.  I am most frequently in Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Austin, Texas, but I go from the East Coast to California throughout the year.  I'm also down for destination weddings- both within the US and abroad!

-I'm conscious of how traveling photographers often capitalize on beautiful locations without contributing to (or even being part of) the communities in those places.  With this in mind, I've opted to donate 10% of the cost of each wedding shoot to a nonprofit local to the region in which I'm shooting.

For instance, for weddings I book in the Tetons this summer, I'll be donating 10% to One22, a Jackson nonprofit that supplies financial aid, food, and cultural resources to members of the Teton community in need.

I like to be an ethical wedding photographer, as well as an affordable wedding photographer.


-I have strong feelings about discrimination- regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, ethnic background, income level, age, and ability- if you are responsible adults and good people you deserve the wedding of your dreams and I would be honored to be part of it.  


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