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about stir

I'm Becca - 

I love my work and the people I get to work with, and most other aspects of my life as well. 

When I'm not taking pictures or hanging out with friends and family, I'm probably whitewater rafting, running, writing, climbing, hiking, camping, painting, dancing, or playing guitar.


I like people and plants and road trips and sleeping outside and expending ridiculous amounts of energy just to catch a good sunset.


I am hilariously technologically disconnected for the industry, but hey.  


I've been taking pictures since I was sixteen.  It started as a visual journal of sorts, and over the years that endeavor has broadened to include being part of visually telling other people's stories.  

So stir photography was born from something that I've been crazy about for years: finding the unique light that stirs in each of us, and working to capture the expression of that light in a way that can be shared and preserved forever.


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