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online dating portraits

Those fuzzy phone selfies don't convey anything meaningful about you, but a lot of times when you're out having fun and doing the things you love, you're not really thinking about getting photodocumentation. 
You're going to have better luck with online dating if you have pictures of you doing what you love (and looking great in the process).  Having sharp pictures of yourself is also an awesome confidence boost.

So here's where I come in! 
Send me an email telling me about yourself. You can include screenshots of your online dating profile (shoot, I could even give you pointers on profile composition if you want).
Maybe you really like your car, or your dog, or playing a sport, or being outdoors. Maybe you're a great chef or climber or musician. Maybe you just like chilling outside with booze. Maybe you just need some head shots of yourself that don't look like you're taking them by yourself in the bathroom. I know what I'm doing. 
We'll brainstorm some ideas and meet up for anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours -- it'll be fun! (Kinda like a date, eh? No...?  Well, this is awkward.) 
I'll take pictures of you in action. They will be mysterious, ridiculous, accurate, inaccurate, impressive, and heartwarming. 
Then we'll upload them to a flash drive, and you'll go home with dozens of jpegs of great shots for use on dating profiles (Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble,, anything), or facebook, or wherever you need photos of yourself. Heck, maybe you could print one out and send it to your mom so she can put it on the wall next to the picture of your sister's family. You know she'd love that.

The only thing left to figure out is whether or not you'll tell your next date that those pictures were taken by someone you met online. Good luck with that.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email! Let's talk!

*most of the people in my photographs are not looking for dates right now, so do not ask me about them.  

(I know, right?)

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