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Online Dating Photos

Profile Pictures for Online Dating Photos

Professional headshots are taken for several reasons. Some of the most significant reasons are for profile pictures for social media. Other causes may be to hang on the walls of a business or organization. A person may request a professional headshot for something they are into, like swimming, costumes, acting, music, or they may need a picture for a website they are starting up. Some companies have only professional headshots of the owners, managers, and employees on their websites. It usually falls under a category like "Meet the Team" or some other heading that goes along with the subject. People may be receiving an award, and they only want a headshot instead of the entire body. For these reasons, we do not embarrass the person or persons who wish to take these types of pictures, but they may feel their headshot is their best feature to show off for various reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for a professional headshot is for online dating photos. Sometimes they want only the bust shown because they do not want others seeing their bodies in a photoshoot. Some may be self-conscious, which is perfectly normal. Some websites will only allow headshots for online dating photos. The person who is building their profile must oblige by the rules of the service. They may want to try different websites, and we can put the photos on a zip drive or a disc to make it easy to access for the picture to transfer or upload to the dating site. We can use whatever background the client wishes, whether it is out in nature or a traditional backdrop and nothing fancy. We are happy to oblige and offer the best quality.

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